Four Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your Home by Vastu Shastra

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Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture that incorporates traditional beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism. This ancient guide tells you how to design your home to bring in positivity and good luck to each part of the home. The best vastu expert in Gurgaon gives us tips to ensure that our homes radiate good, positive, and happy vibes. We list below 4 Vaastu tips to make your home a happy and healthy one.

1. A beautiful entrance – The entrance to your home is what leas you inside. Hence, the entrance should be well decorated, bright and well illuminated. Such an entrance brings in wealth and prosperity. According to Vaastu Shastra, the main door should ideally be placed in a north or east direction. In addition, the main door should be made of solid wood. Do not place shoe racks or footwear near the entrance, as it is believed to obstruct the passage of positive energy from coming into the home. The entrance must have a nameplate too.

2. Decorate the entrance wall – If you have a wall at the home entrance, you must not keep it barren. Naked wall denotes loneliness, sadness, and negativity. Adorn the wall using creative ideas. You can buy wall décor items online or simply put a statue picture of god.

3. Allow natural light in the bedroom – Bedroom is one place where you spend your night in. As such, it should be well arranged according to the science of Vaastu. Good sleep will ensure your good health. Sunlight must enter the bedroom. Let the windows remain open for at least 20 minutes every day to let fresh air come in. Do not make the bedroom overcrowded with furniture. Also, paint the walls with light and soothing colours. If a couple is occupying the bedroom, then a single mattress should be used instead of double to symbolize oneness and together. Southwest direction is the ideal place to plan the bedroom.

4. Put wall paintings – Adorn the walls of your home with scenic paintings, particularly those of a river, waterfall or goldfish as these bring wealth and fortune to the home dwellers. A large painting is going to be more attractive. Vaastu always stresses the need for ample sunlight and fresh air into the home. It brings good health and good luck in your home.

These are few general advices as per vastu Science which may actually vary according to position and placement of your house. Vaastu Sanjivanii offers perfect solution to all your problems. We personally diagnose the actual reason of your problems and then provide personalized solution just made for you. If implemented correctly, we offer you immense benefits by balancing environment around your living and working space by identifying, placing or removing certain objects. So, Vaastu Sanjivanii not only solves all your problems but also saves you from the hefty cost of re-construction.

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