Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is the science of constructing a building in such a way that helps the occupants achieve their desired results and targets. A Vaastu friendly building is perfectly balanced with nature and subtle energies around.

Vaastu Sanjivanii stresses mainly on balancing five elements in a building, to create balance in life. It creates favorable energies in the building that support the actions of the occupants to helps them to achieve good health, wealth, prosperity and success in life.

The use of advance tools like Lechar antenna, Energy scanner, Pendulum dowsing etc. to balance subtle energies in a premises makes it more profound in this field.

Astro Vaastu Remedies

Astrology is the science of stars and planets and these stars and planets concern us in a meticulous way at every moment. Each one of us is driven by our stars, planets, their dashas & mahadashas at different points of time. When our planets are not favorable, we face problems in life.

Vaastu Sanjivanii also provides Vaastu solutions based on astrology as per one’s kundali. The unfavorable planets are remedied by applying simple astro vaastu remedies in the premises one occupies. Just by placing the objects in a building in right directions according to astrology, one can enjoy the fruits of his efforts to the fullest.

Numerology Solutions

Numerology is the game of numbers which has great impact on our lives. Each number is connected with a planet and gives its results in our lives. The numbers which belong to unfavorable planets create problems in our lives.

As per Numerology, each alphabet is given a specific number, thus related to 9 planets in the universe. These alphabets are fixed in the form of our names which has a great impact on our lives. Our name or the name of our company adds up to a specific number which connects us with a specific planet. If this planet is not favorable for us, it starts hampering our growth and success.

Vaastu Sanjivanii provides numerology solutions as well to ensure one’s growth in his field. The name spelling check, signature check, etc are done to remove all the hindrances in one’s life.
The numero remedies are given keeping in mind your positive and negative points.

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