Start Learning the Basics Of Elements And Its Role Through Vaastu Shastra

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Vaastu Shastra is a traditional Indian architectural science that guides the construction and design of buildings along with the Universe’s natural and simple rules. The roots of Vaastu can be traced back to over 5000 years. This science provides comprehensive information on what to keep in mind when selecting a plot and constructing buildings.

The Sanskrit word ‘Vaastu’ means the base of a house or a site, and ‘Shastra’ translates into teaching or research. Therefore, together they say, ‘construction science.’ Vaastu Shastra aims at harnessing the higher levels of energy within the self and can aid in various aspects of existence, including

  • Increasing potential for earnings
  • Enhanced Career opportunities
  • Score Good Marks
  • Boost Marital Bliss
  • Good health
  • Stress free life

A decent home is where a resident lives peacefully and happily. Its significance was confirmed thousand years ago in the Indian civilisation. You can learn Vastu course online to know more about it.

A significant concept that forms Vaastu Shastra ‘s foundation is the concept of the five elements. The Panchabhootas are what make up the entire Universe. Air, water, fire, earth, and space are the five elements.

As we all know that the Universe is governed by 5 elements, similarly in a building, each direction is governed by one element; the cause of positive is a balanced state, and the cause of negative effects is an imbalanced state. It is this balance or imbalance that makes one’s space virtual heaven or hell.

The key laws regulating Vaastu Shastra concern the paths and elements of nature. In Vaastu Shastra, there are unique rules for every step. To know more about these, you can opt a Vastu shastra course at Vaastu Sanjivanii for perfecting each of the principles in Vaastu. Indeed in a Vastu complaint house the resident can achieve more happiness and lead a more spiritually enlightened life.


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