Exude Positive Energy in Your Kid’s Room with These Vaastu Tips

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 Vastu for kids’ room

Children’s room is a hub for fun, recreation, and frolic. This is also where they spend some quiet moments while reading books or exploring the net through their laptops. But there are some basic things to consider while designing a children’s room.

Vaastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture. Vastu for kids’ room has the following major suggestions such that the rooms exude positive energy and bode well for the good health and successful future of the occupants:


Like any other room, direction plays a major role in the design of the kid’s room. Ideally, for the development of children East is the best as the room faces the rising sun. The sun is a powerhouse for positive energy as per Eastern mysticism. So, the room must face sunlight and abound in positivity.


Vaastu recommends that the room must have plenty of natural light streaming in. Sunlight kills germs and flushes out toxins. If natural light is limited, you must use artificial light to compensate. Ambient light is most compliant for Vaastu instead of sharp focus lights. But the table of the child must have a focused light to encourage the focused effort at reading and study.


Vastu tips for kids room also dictates how furniture must be arranged in a room. For example, the bed must not be placed facing the bathroom as the latter is a space of low and negative energy. The study table must not have tall, open shelves stuffed with books. As per Vaastu, it is better to have the bookshelf as separate furniture or have it closed with shutters. This is to avoid the child being overwhelmed by the amount of study expected from her.


The choice of colours has a profound impact on your moods. We cannot fix the colour of the kids’ room as Colours of the room are chosen after the detail Vastu analysis. Preferably pastel colours are advisable and loud colours should be avoided.

Energy Flow

The flow of energy relates to the movement of energy from one corner of the room to another, without any blocks. Such energy flow makes the eco-system dynamic and prevents stagnation within a space.

It is ideal that the room of the child must be square or rectangle-shaped to represent all four directions and elements of nature. To encourage more flow of energy within the room, arrange some space between pieces of furniture. Also, make sure that there are no sharp edges which obstruct the movement of energy.

Good Luck Charms

As per rules of Vaastu, certain objects are endowed with auspicious energy. One such element is the idol of Goddess Sarasvati, the deity of knowledge as per Hindu traditions.

It is also good to adorn the south wall of the room with trophies and certificates won by the child to serve as constant motivation. Keeping indoor plants on the study table is also a positive action since plants represent rejuvenation and progress.

In a nutshell, these are the recommendations that Vastu consultant for kids’ room make so that its tiny occupants thrive and live well.


The Vaastu tips and suggestions mentioned here are generic and may or may not show the same results for all. For the best outcome, we offer suggestions only after a detailed analysis of your premises. The personalized Vaastu recommendations based on your property may vary from the generic tips we have mentioned here. Connect with Vaastu Acharya Neena S Arora for the best personalized Vaastu consulting. 

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