Vastu Rules That Needs to Be Considered to Live Happily

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We all always wish for happiness, stability and prosperity in our life. Have you ever thought what can be done to attain all your goals? The solution lies in Vastu of our house.

According to Vastu shastra, construction of the house and its interiors determine the quality life of its residents’. You can always check with Vastu consultant in Gurgaon. Some of the basic rules one need to follow are-

Kitchen: Preferably, the kitchen should be built in the house’s southeast direction. Kitchen in the North direction is strictly prohibited.

Master bedroom: The master bedroom should be selected as per requirements as different directions give different mindsets consequently different results. South East and North East should be avoided for making master bedroom.

Children’s room: The children’s room can be placed according to the age group of the child. West can be considered for making children’s room.

Bathroom: It is a myth that the toilet/bathroom should be in west or north-west direction, according to Vaastu shastra. It should be ideally in between West and North West direction. Toilets in North East and South West cannot be remedied thus it should be strictly prohibited. Apart from these toilets in any other zones can be easily remedied.

Vastu experts in Gurgaon also provide instructions on the design of your rooms. Although circular rooms look sleeker and more fashionable, it is not Vaastu compliant. Make sure that your rooms follow strict lines and are in form square or rectangle.

The opinion of an expert concerning Vaastu typically goes a long way. In some instances, often it is boring, inefficient and difficult to obey the Vaastu suggestions. Such recommendations are not “do-or-die” rules but more like guidelines.


The Vastu tips and suggestions mentioned here are generic and may or may not show the same results for all. For the best outcome, we offer suggestions only after a detailed analysis of your premises. The personalized Vastu recommendations based on your property may vary from the generic tips we have mentioned here. Connect with Vastu Acharya Neena S Arora for the best personalized Vastu consulting. 

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