Vaastu Sanjivanii and Medication Go Hand in Hand!

In a Vastu Case, the lady of the house was suffering from many chronic health problems like Cervical, body swelling, Stomach issues, severe pain in calves, Vericose Veins, Slip Disc and lot more.

After Vastu check, I observed, The directions related to Health (NNE) had major issues accompanied by other directions as per her problems.

She complained that no medicine suits her and she’s not able to find right doctor for her.

I told her that after doing Vastu of the house, you will find the right doctor as well as the medicines will start suiting you. Just not that, the source of your problems will be Cured, (which is always the house in which the person resides) and you will be healed!

So I did my complete working and suggested some changes in the interiors like, colour change, relocation of Furniture and objects and lot more!

Within few days after applying Remedies, She got a Good doctor who was able to diagnose the right cause of her illness. Her medicine started suiting her and the problems she mentioned the very first day started to cure.

The Vastu changes were done in the end of 2014 and today the problems she was suffering with at that time, are no more!

This is the power of Vaastu Sanjivanii!
It’s really Magical!

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Neena S Arora.


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Acharya Neena S Arora

(Gold Medalist in Vaastu Shastra)