The Five Basic Principles of Vaastu Shastra

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Vaastu Shastra, the science of architecture, originated in India thousands of years ago. It incorporates beliefs from the Hindu and Buddhist faiths of how to plan your homes and decorate it for it to be a happy and a healthy one. The best vastu expert in Gurgaon can provide you with the best knowledge of Vaastu. Vaastu Shastra aims at tapping positive energy into your homes and lives, which will give you an overall blissful life. Vaastu Shastra works on five basic principles, which are mentioned below.

1. Space – Also, known as ‘akash’ in Hindi, space is the sky that gives shelter to all the remaining four elements. The importance of space is due to the fact it is the first and foremost conductor of all types of energies. Energy can be physical (sound, light), cognitive (intellect, intuition), social, emotional and psychological energy. Space symbolizes betterment, spread, expansion, thinking and reasoning process. In life, this element in a balanced state gives you a sense of direction and keeps you organized.

2. Air – Also called ‘vayu’ in Hindi, the air is the fundamental aspect of life that supports all living beings on earth. No living creature would survive without oxygen. There are ways to measure air such as humidity, airflow, temperature, pressure, composition air. Air denotes growth, prosperity, movement, joy, happiness, freshness, and vitality in life. The air in its balanced state gives you bravery, and you perform well in all aspects of life.

3. Earth – The land that is above and below the sea is called earth or ‘bhumi.’ This powerful element that is self-sustaining gives shapes to the regions of the world and that land on which the human race lives. This element of Vaastu Shastra symbolizes stability, balance, endurance and maturity in character. When this element is well poised in your life, it brings about stability in your career, relationships, and hard work. You live a peaceful and harmonious life with your kith and kin.

4. Water – Almost all living beings are dependent on water for their survival. Human bodies are made up of 70 % water. Two-thirds of the earth is water or ‘jal’. This signifies how important water is for the survival of living beings on earth. It denotes the clarity of mind and speech, birth of new ideas and vision, knocking of new and better opportunities in life, healing, and good health.

5. Fire – Fire or ‘agni’ symbolizes light, heat, energy, passion, enthusiasm that accounts for the day, night and seasons of the year. There would be no rotation or revolution without this element. In its balanced state fire gives you name and fame among the people. It provides you with the vigour, strength, confidence, and money to move on in life.

The essence of Vaastu Shastra is that all these five elements are interrelated to one another by an invisible force. Therefore, when you plan to build a home, you must take into consideration the rules of Vaastu Shastra to provide the inhabitants with a happy and healthy life.

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