Success Story- Solution of Marriage Delay

The daughter of my client’s friend was not getting ready for #marriage. She was very upset and decided to contact me for #Vastu Remedies.

I visited and checked her house and found the following things-

1. #MeeraBai statue in #SouthWest
2. #ancestor‘s picture in #NorthEast

I suggested them to remove these things and also did few other changes in their house.

After 2 months of removing the above stuff and doing few more changes in colour scheme of their house, the girl not only got convinced for marriage but also the family finalized a suitable groom for her.

#Vaastu Sanjivanii is indeed not less than Sanjivanii booti for all problems!

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Contact For Vaastu By
Neena S Arora.


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Acharya Neena S Arora

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