Relationship Improved In A Day

A lady visited me for Vastu check as she was not keeping well and having very poor relationship with her husband!

I asked her to draw a rough map of her house. She knew the directions as according to her that house was constructed as per Vastu norms.

I analysed the map and asked her to remove a big poster of her deceased Mom and also some family pictures from certain directions…

…did her counselling for sometime and fixed a visit for Vastu check after few days!

She removed the pictures immediately…and the very next day I received a call from her that everything got settled with her husband and she was very much relieved and happy!!!

And few lines automatically comes in mind whenever i get good news from my clients…

‘मेरा आपकी कृपा से सब काम हो रहा है
करते हो तुम गुरू जी मेरा नाम हो रहा है’

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Neena S Arora.


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Acharya Neena S Arora

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