Pain Of Her Foot Instantly Vanished Away!

Foot Instantly Vanished Away

Pain Of Her Foot Instantly Vanished Away!

One of my clients suddenly had a severe pain in her foot. Some veins was pressed and she wasn’t able to keep her foot on the floor. She wasn’t even able to stand or walk.

As it was Sunday and no doctor was available, I was called to check whether there was a Vastu cause for that. Her house was as per Vastu by that time. I saw her horoscope and observed the problematic Planets. After seeing it, I asked her to remove just 2 things from 2 different directions.

– An unused water pump which was kept just few days before in East of SouthEast

– A piece of yellow chart paper that was placed in South East a day before only.

As soon as they removed both the things, the pain of her foot instantly vanished away! And she was able to walk properly.

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