Hyper Acidity Got Cured in 2 Days!

My client was suffering from a severe problem of hyper acidity. From the past few months she was eating plain simple food (without chilli) as eating spicy food would give her burning sensations. She was under medication for the same but no change was observed. She consulted me 2 months ago as medical cure wasn’t effective. After studying her house plan, I advised her to change the colour of the wardrobe which I found the cause of her problem and removed certain things from a specific direction as per her horoscope (Astro Vastu remedy).

And....she responded amazingly!!!Within 2 days she confirmed that she was feeling much better. And now she is totally cured. No more acidity issues and she is back to relishing spices.

This way our environment affects our lives. Changes in environment leads to change in life so be cautious while doing changes in your building.

Think twice, Act wise!
Do consult a trained, professional and trustworthy Vastu Practitioner before doing such changes. Prevention is always better than cure!

Lot of Thanks to my God and my Guru for the divine guidance 🙏🙏

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUK2oKdH04PG5Z4kpzu1hrQ

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