Brass Lord Dhanwantari

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Embody Health and Protection by welcoming the Sacred Brass Dhanwantri Idol in your journey!

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Seeking to ward off fears and diseases from your life? Lord Dhanwantri, an esteemed manifestation of Lord Vishnu, emerged from the milky ocean as the father of Ayurveda medicine. As the ultimate healer and benevolent Lord, he is hailed as the divine physician and the harbinger of health and well-being.
Placing this sacred idol in your in the North-North East of your house invokes the blessings of healing, and rejuvenation, and removes fears and ailments from your life. His therapeutic presence transports the residents to a realm where ailments are cured and holistic balance is restored. Experience the transformative energy and timeless beauty of the Brass Lord Dhanwantri, and invoke the divine healing powers into your life today!