Dream Home Model Orientation Program

You will Learn

  • How Vastu Shastra is helpful in today’s life.
  • How to Identify your Dream Life.
  • Analysis of present scenario
  • Seeding the vision of Dream Home through different exercises.
  • Survey of successful businesses.
  • Survey of same facing houses.
  • What things to master in a building to convert it into a Dream Home.
  • Dream Life Meditation.
  • What is the connection between our house and our dream life
  • How our house affects our mind and body

Zonify your Home

You will Learn

  • How directions control your life
  • To identify Best direction for your Bedroom
  • Effect of Drawing Room in different directions
  • Effect of Dining Room in different directions
  • Effect of Kitchen in different directions
  • Effect of Wash Room in different directions
  • The problematic areas of your building
  • Secret of frequent failures in life
  • Secret of frequent health issues
  • Secret of scoring good marks in studies
  • The effect of right facing while doing any activity
  • How to select right facing for different activities
  • How to solve different problems just by choosing right directions for yourself

Master Your Space

You will Learn

  • Why the Right Placement of different Objects is required
  • The Effect of different Objects in Different Directions
  • The Effect of Washing Machine in Different Directions
  • The Effect Of Inverter/ Generator in Different Directions
  • The Effect of LCD in Different Directions
  • The Effect of Dustbin in Different Directions
  • The Effect of Study Table & Many More Things in Different Directions
  • How to decide the Right Location of any Object
  • How to Decide the Location of any Painting/Sculpture in a Building as a Remedy

Remedify Your Space

You will Learn

  • Importance of Entrances
  • 32 Types Of Entrances
  • Effects of East Entrances
  • Effects of North Entrances
  • Effects Of South Entrances
  • Effects Of West Entrances
  • Positive & Negative Entrances
  • How to Remedy a Negative Entrance
  • How to Remedy a toilet
  • How to Remedy a kitchen

House Selection|Construction process

You will Learn

  • Basic rules of Building constructions
  • Effects of building height
  • Effects of Boring/underground tank
  • Effects of overhead tanks
  • Effects of plants
  • Vastu And Staircases
  • Precautions to be taken in building construction
  • Location of Septic tanks
  • How to decide Plot and building entrance
  • How to mark location of septic tanks in plot and building
  • How to mark location of boring in plot and building
  • Vastu of Flats

Process of Plot Selection

You will Learn

  • Auspicious plots on the basis of roads
  • Plot selection based on shapes
  • Shermukhi plots
  • Gaumukhi plots
  • Extended Plots
  • Cut Plots
  • Different Vedhs
  • Soil Examination
  • Other Criterias of Plot Selection

3 Steps to Zonify a Space Professionally

You will Learn –​

  • The complete working on a layout
  • How to take out center of a building accurately
  • How to find out center of an irregular plot/floor
  • How to take accurate readings from a Magnetic Compass
  • How to avoid Errors Of Magnetic Compass
  • How to grid a layout like a professional

Vastu Tips for the Success of Business


Every individual starts a business with the expectation of gaining success. To make profits, a businessman is always prepared to go the extra mile. Earning higher revenue is the primary motive, be it a large-scale company or a small one. To get success, a significant number of companies turn to astrology like Astro Vastu or Vastu Shastra. The principles of Vastu Shastracan help in almost all the operations of a business from starting up a new business to its expansion.

The placement of objects and activities in workplace holds equal importance, according to Vastu shastra. Vastu is the science that deals with the combination of all the five elements of nature. This helps in the balancing the lives of human beings in all aspects. Vastu is a science that has existed for ages. Thus, people have a strong belief in it and is followed by a majority of the masses.

Some useful Vastu tips for the business are:

  • The plot selected for the business should preferably be broader from the front and narrow at the end.
  • The Entrances of the office building in North, East and West are considered auspicious.
  • The welcome room of the business house should be located in the East zone.
  • The central part should preferably be empty.
  • The accounts department should be in the West zone.
  • The staff should work facing the north and east direction.
  • The office owner should have his/her room in the West direction with blue coloured seat.
  • Irregularly shaped workstations should be avoided,and tables should preferably be in the shape of a rectangle or square.
  • The right colours in the right direction are important for success of the business.
  • The Certificates of achievements should be placed in North zone.
  • The pantry should not be placed in the North East zone.
  • The over use of red/bluecolours should be avoided if the business is facing financial crunch.
These are general tips and for best results, proper study of the layout is required. You can also learn Vastu concepts through the best vastu shastra online course, provided by well reputed Vastu institute, Vaastu Sanjivanii. The online Vastu Course is conducted in 2 Levels. Level 1 is Dream Home Model Course Bundle followed by Level 2- Professional Vastu Course- Space Balancing Mastery. These Vastu Courses provide holistic approach of problem solvingThese courses help to reprogram our subconscious mind through the outer space i.e. our building as well as our inner space i.e. our mind. The course is well designed to suit all types of learners. Ms Neena S Arora, the founder and the ‘Dream Life Coach’ herself trains thestudents and covers the subject in a very interactive and practical manner.Thus, this course is recommendable as it is really helpful.