Vaastu Sanjivanii Course

Join 2 days VASTU TRAINING Workshop (Level 1)

Learn to Make Your House A Dream Manifesting Tool For You

Exclusively designed by certified Acharya Neena S Arora (Gold Medalist with 18 years of experience in Vastu Shastra)

First Vastu Course with Holistic Approach!

Course Content

    • Introduction of Vaastu Shastra.
    • Effects of different shapes of plots.
    • How to select a suitable plot.
    • How to use magnetic compass.
    • How to remedy inauspicious entrances.
    • Learn 5 elements theory through meditation and activities.
    • Connection of directions with 5 elements.
    • Effects of different rooms/ activities/ objects in different directions.
    • Using household items as remedy.
    • How to see directions n facing of a plot or house.
    • How to work on a layout.
    • Color therapy for vaastu.
    • Working on your own layout in practical session.

What’s Exclusive about it

  1. Three Dimensional Approach Of Vastu-
    • Gross level: Learn to set interiors and balance your house as per Vastu!
    • Subtle level: Learn to connect your house with the DIVINE ENERGIES of the universe!
    • Subconscious Level: Learn to TRAIN your SUBCONSCIOUS through your BUILDING as well as MIND, the way you want.
  2. Mode Of Learning
    • Learning through Fun, Activities, Meditations
    • Problem solving meditation