Moradabad is a commercial city located in Uttar Pradesh, India. This beautiful city was established by Prince Murad ( the son of King Shah Jahan ) and was named after him as ‘Moradabad’. The city has made tremendous progress since then and is one of the major industrial hubs of India.

This city is also known as the “City of Brass” or “Pital Nagari” because of its world famous craftsmanship of brass metal. A large scale brass handicrafts, sculptures and artifacts are exported from Moradabad throughout India and abroad also. It is rich and prominent business center and makes money from its tourism sector too.

Have you ever wondered why Moradabad enjoys the privilege of being one of the biggest business hub of India? What makes this small city a world famous trade center? What is the secret behind richness and prosperity of this city?

Wealth Secret of Moradabad:

Let’s take a glance at the interesting facts that make this city a favorite destination for Maa Mahalaxmi and Lord Kuber.

Exploring Moradabad by the insight of Vastu, we can say that the location of this city is very auspicious. This city is located right in the North of India. North is the direction of Lord Kuber (The treasurer of Deities). So, it gets the blessings of lord Kuber naturally and gives it large scale business opportunities.

Vastu Tip – North is the direction that imparts new ideas, business opportunities and creativity. You can also ripe these benefits of North direction by spending more in more time in this direction or simply sleeping in this direction.

Do all the cities situated in North are so lucky? No, they are not. So, there must be something else that is creating this magical effect. That second special factor is created by its entrance, the four entrance doors by which we enter this city.

Entrances affect the type of energy that is flowing inside any plot, building, malls and even cities also. In general, there are 32 entrances in any plot. Out of these, 8 entrance doors provide us with money and wealth. In case of Moradabad, 4 wealth creating entrance doors are naturally opening in here. These 4 pious entrance doors allow Maa MahaLaxmi to usher her blessings from all four directions.

These doors are situated in such a way that automatically created a Swastik Symbol on earth. The Swastik is regarded as symbol of Sun. It also signifies success, good luck, prosperity and abundance. It attracts Maa Laxmi by default.

According to another mythological story, when sun becomes your Guarantor, Lord Kuber blesses you with abundant wealth. East is direction of Sun which is strong enough in Moradabad, making it rich and wealthy city.

You can also draw or paste Swastik at the entrances of our houses, shops, Puja rooms or lockers to have the blessings of Maa Laxmi (The goddess of wealth and Prosperity) and Lord Kuber ( The Protector of Wealth).

After entering into city, Maa Laxmi enters into those houses or buildings that have such 8 powerful entrance doors. Only such leader houses or buildings are able to leash huge business and wealth opportunities.

The East, North, West and South-East directions are very Strong in Moradabad which also contribute in making it such a world famous business hub.

Best part of all this is that the Moradabad wealth magic can also be created in your plot or building! Vastu Science makes it possible for you. You can also acquire huge Wealth and prosperity by creating or activating these 8 entrances at your house.

By making your building vastu friendly, you are actually opting out for a peaceful, healthy, wealthy and Prosperous lifestyle. Vastu Sanjivanii offers perfect wealth remedies designed especially for your dwellings that work wonderfully to attract and retain enormous wealth.

Note – The Vastu tips suggested here are in general. For best results, we suggest remedies after detailed analysis of the premises which may vary from what is mentioned above.

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