Before being a successful person, you must think like one…you must learn how to motivate yourself!! It might seem like successful people are a bunch of lucky fellows who are always at the top of the mountain, enjoying all the goodness and luxuries of life. But being successful in life is not an accident. In fact, it is the combination of continuous learning, research, hard work, perseverance and devotion. If we enjoy what we are doing, we are ready to make sacrifices for it.

All of us want to be professionally successful. Some want promotion or salary hike for the acknowledgment of self-worth and for social status while some want it for their families to be able to live a comfortable and luxurious life. We keep no stone upturned for getting promotion. It gives us inner satisfaction and happiness.

You may wonder why some people are so fortunate and others are not. It might have happened that a less deserving person gets promotion than you. You might be smarter, MoRE dedicated and hard working than him but still he got selected for promotion. Vastu offers you solution here.

The other person who got promotion is might be less qualified and deserving than you for the promotion but he is getting the additional support of vastu at his residential or working place. This placement of his building and objects is aligned with planets. This makes his planets stronger and makes him luckier than you.

Nothing is permanent in life, not even your misfortunes. Wise people know it’s never late to take a U-turn. You can also become rich and successful in life. Wealthy people take risk and act.

The mystic world of vastu brings luck in your professional life. It brings positivity at your working place and also enhances your chances of promotion.

According to Vastu Science, you can enhance your leadership qualities and implant innovative ideas by balancing North-East and the South-South-East zones of your building.

If you want to grow your business or are desperately seeking promotion/salary hikes in your office, follow these very simple but effective tips in your house/office/shop/building.

Vastu tips for promotion:

  • You get many growth opportunities, if your desk faces North or East direction. For increasing financial gains, North is considered as the best direction.
  • Keeping plants in South-East corner of office supports business and money growth.
  • Always keep your office/shop or work place well lit. A dark place or office should always be avoided.
  • While working, try to keep open space ahead you. It represents openness and will help you get new ideas.
  • A wall behind you represents support. On this wall, you can place poster/painting of mountains for additional strength.
  • Place painting/poster of fountains in North wall.
  • Never sit under a beam. Sitting below the beam leads to negativity.
  • Always select wooden furniture for office or shop instead of metal or wrought iron. Try to select square or rectangular furniture. A glass or metal table in an irregular shape leads to confusion, stress and detachment from work.
  • Select chairs with strong support. It also strengthens your career growth.
  • Remove any broken furniture or clutter from work place.
  • If toilet is placed in the North direction of your building/house, it hampers your career growth and your promotion opportunities. It has to be balanced to reduce its effect. Light a 0 watt blue bulb in North.
  • If there is any water leakage, fix it immediately. Fix any leaking taps or water faucets as they signify financial losses.
  • Sleeping in a position such that your head faces towards East direction boosts your professional growth.
  • Light a 0 watt red bulb in South direction. It will prove you to be most deserving person for promotion in the eyes of your Boss.
  • Make sure that you sit in a position such that you face main entrance. It opens up new opportunities to you.
  • Last but not the least place the picture below in North direction of your house or office to ensure growth in career.

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