Significance of Entrances in Vaastu


According to Vaastu, Entrance of a building plays a major role in one’s life. Entrance is the face of the building from where the house breathes.
It is the point from where the energy enters a building. The type of energy that enters depends on the direction of entrance. An auspicious entrance attracts auspicious energies leading to health, wealth, prosperity, success and abundance whereas inauspicious entrances attract the energy that leads to poverty, failures, aggression, depression and so on…

Vaastu shows its effects not only on a building but also on cities, markets, shopping complexes etc, to a great extent.
After doing an observational study, it’s found that the happening places of Delhi NCR like Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Khan Market, Chandni Chowk etc. have many good entry points which show the impact in the form of huge footfall and business in these markets.

There is myth about entrances that only East or North East entrance is good. You will be surprised to know that even North East entrance can be bad.
According to Ancient texts there can be 32 entrances in all in a building with good/bad effects. If the entrance of a building is positive, then half of the battle is won!

In most of the case studies, it’s found that negative entrances are majorly responsible for the problems one faces in life and sometimes, positive entrances are proved to be as a safeguard when there is vast Vaastu imbalance in a building.

What to do if the entrance of a building is creating hazards in life? Do we need to demolish the entrance altogether to get a good one?
No! There is no need to change the entrance. Vaastu Sanjivanii helps you to nullify the bad effect of entrances with simple but effective remedies. After applying these remedies one can use the same entrance without being victim to its ill effects.

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