Vaastu is an ancient science that blends all the five elements of nature and balances them with construction, interiors and colours. It creates a heavenly atmosphere to live in, as Panchbhootas impart their exclusive characteristics. The Panchbhootas, the basis of all cosmic creation, are Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Bhoomi (Earth) and Akash (Space). Anything and everything on earth is composed of all these five elements. Apart from the elements, Vaastu is also based on balancing the subtle energies of different directions. A completely balanced Vaastu compliant house bestows good luck to its residents, resonating eternal bliss and tranquility.

When these Panchbhootas get imbalanced in a building, the imbalance is created in the occupants’ lives in the form of challenges. The more the challenges in lives, greater the imbalance in five elements.

The imbalance in water element impacts all kinds of flows in lives like, flow of cash, ideas, opportunities, life force energy, positive thoughts and so on. If residents in a  house have weak immune system, it indicates the lack of life force energy in their bodies. And it is because of imbalanced water element in house.

Similarly, the imbalance in Air element leads to harsh and rude behavior. It also impacts the joy in life. The imbalance in fire element can create financial issues, insecurity in life, aggression, irritation, lack of enthusiasm etc

If someone complains about instability in life, it means its Earth element is imbalanced. Laziness and impatience indicates imbalance in fire and earth.

The imbalanced space element affects the success, achievements, education, gains etc .The occupant will feel suffocated in the building where the space is not balanced.

The crux is, each problem in life is because of imbalance of these Panchbhutas. It can be combination of more than one element as well. Balancing these elements in a house/work place results in change of situations leading to desired results. We can solve any kind of problem by balancing these elements.

If someone his unhealthy, a doctor helps to cure. Similarly, If a building is ‘unhealthy’, Vaastu Sanjivanii is there to cure. Thus, ‘heal your building to heal your life’

It’s true that ‘Healthy body lives in healthy mind’ but…Healthy body and mind live in ‘HEALTHY HOME’ leading to ‘HEALTHY LIVES’.


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