Nature or universe is composed up of five basic elements namely, Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. These elements are collectively called as “Panchatatva”. These elements are present everywhere in our surroundings i.e. in our homes, interiors, offices, shops, schools, hospitals…and in our body also.

When these elements are in synchronization with each other, the result is seen in overall wellbeing of people. It brings happiness, good luck, peace and prosperity.

Similarly, certain effects are also seen when these elements are not balanced. This imbalance adversely affects the moods, health, wealth and happiness of dwellers of such surroundings. When there is imbalance of more than one element, it usually results in various diseases.

In general terms, we say health is the state of being free from illness, injury or prolonged pain. It directly affects your efficiency to do any work. Everyone longs for a healthy and disease free life. But in today’s modern lifestyle, you are prone to many diseases like high blood pressure, infertility, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, stress related diseases etc.

Identify diseased element based on your disease:

Do you know that vastu offers logical explanation of scientific truths and facts? It is quite interesting to recognize which element of your house or building is creating problem based on the health problem you are facing.

Learn how to identify the imbalanced element of Panchatatva depending upon the disease you or your loved ones are having.

If you are having pain or injuries related to your spinal cord, legs, knees or foot, then your Earth element is disturbed.

If you are facing any reproductive issues like infertility or any disease related to uterus, kidney or urinary bladder, it indicates that the Water  and Space element is imbalanced.

If your digestive system is working slowly or you are having hyper acidity / gastric problem, it implies your Fire element is not balanced. It may also damage your gall bladder, pancreas (may cause diseases like diabetes).

If you are facing any disease related to heart, lungs, hands, arms, elbows, palms or shoulders, it shows that Air element is disturbed.

If you are having any ENT (Eyes, Nose, and Throat) issue, it indicates that Space element is disturbed. This may include diseases related to vocal cord, tonsils, sinus etc.

If you are facing any disease related to brain or eyes, this shows the disturbance related to the Water, Earth, and Fire element. Disease manifestation in body is usually connected with imbalance of more than one element. Here I have mentioned the primary element.

Now, you can easily find out the imbalanced elements of your house depending upon the health issues faced by you and your family members.

Vaastu Sanjivanii identifies your imbalanced element and helps you to get rid of diseases by creating the lost balance of elements again with the help of Vastu.

Vastu is an ancient vedic scientific approach that tells us how to rectify the diseased elements of your immediate surrounding space to lead a blissful life. Rather, it goes hand in hand with Yoga and Ayurveda for your overall well-being. It is not an alternative approach to medical science either. Medical guidance is advisable along with Vastu for speedy recovery of patient.

You will not be over-burdened by changing doctors again and again for the same disease  if your space is balanced.

When you rectify these diseased elements, you and your loved ones are blessed with not only physical health but also spiritual growth and mental peace. When your body is hale and hearty, you can channelize all your energies towards attaining your goal and acquiring more wealth.

If you are still confused, we are there to help you out. What are you waiting for? So, hurry up and choose to become HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE!

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