Attract the Grace Of Lord Kuber Through Vastu

Does money matter? Few people may say,” It doesn’t matter.” But is it really so?

You need money to buy basic needs of life, to do charity, to perform rituals. You have endless list of our day to day requirements that can’t be imagined without money. After fulfilling your basic needs, you need money to fulfill your desires. 

Everything in this world comes with a price tag. YES, money does matter.

Financial freedom neither begins with your Wallet nor is in your account. It starts when you make your mindset that you will build the kind of wealth that will set you free.

Acquiring wealth is very simple if you are keenly interested in it. Guided by the impeccable knowledge of Vastu Shastra, you can open the doors of abundant wealth for your family.

Attracting Wealth requires taking tiny but consistent steps which help in raising your vibrations, enabling various forms of wealth to flow into your life.

Who is Lord Kuber?

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Kuber is the God of Wealth and the God-king of the semi-divine Yakshas in Hindu mythology. He is also the cousin of Ravana. He is a very strong devotee of Lord Shiva. He is considered as the regent of the North (Dik-pala), and a protector of the world (Lokapala). He is assigned the duty of taking care of all the wealth of Devtas by Lord Shiva, in short, the whole and sole Treasurer of Gods.

Why should we please Kuber?

Lord Kuber is the owner of materialistic wealth where as Goddess Laxmi represents prosperity herself. Keep the Lord Kuber happy if you want to have blessings of Goddess Laxmi and money will surely flow into the house.

Direction of Lord Kuber:

The direction that represents Lord Kuber is the North direction. This direction should be properly maintained in order to activate the forces that enable easy inflow of money in your house. We should try to keep this direction filled with positive energies.

How to please God of Wealth ( Lord Kuber):

Our ancient sages have suggested set of principles, Known as Vastu Shastra, which when followed gives health, wealth, prosperity and inner peace to human races.

Best thing is that it is easy to please God of Wealth. Simply follows these Vastu Tips at your house to attract awesome wealth and prosperity.

  • Place God Kuber made up of brass in his direction i.e. the north direction. Its height should be between 5-6 inches. This will send signal in the universe that the people living in this house need the blessings of God Kuber. You will start getting innovative ideas and new opportunities for gaining wealth.
  • Place your safe or locker room in North direction to accumulate this flowing wealth. The Locker should open in North direction only. If it is not possible to keep locker here then you can also place a piggy bank in this place.
  • Place a Kuber Yantra in this safe or locker. Keeping Kuber Yantra will magnify its effects many times.
  • Play Kuber Mantra in North Direction for 24 hours for attracting more money creating opportunities .This will activate your north direction and wealth energy is strengthened. You can also write down Kuber Mantra and keep it in North Direction.

God Kuber should not be kept outside/ above the house, in toilet, in store or under the stairs.

Always remember, money is not everything but it has the power of lighting up your and your beloved faces! So be healthy, wealthy and wise with the blessing of Goddess Laxmi and God Kuber.

Note – The Vastu tips suggested here are in general. For best results, we suggest remedies after detailed analysis of the premises which may vary from what is mentioned above.

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