We are like Alien, JADOO of ‘Koi mil gaya’

During this Lockdown, people are going through mental issue like- depression. Do you know why???

We have a chemical called Serotonin in our body which regulates our moods majorly. And we see this world through our mood only. The better the mood, the happier is our world. We can also call it the chemical of prosperity n well being. When this chemical level is low in body, the person experience depressive mood.

Now we need to know how can we boost the secretion of this chemical to change our mood n we can say, get rid of increasing depression?

If you are facing depression/low moods/ sad mood then do check one thing…when did you see the SUN last? If your answer is….few days ago….a month ago or anything like this then…. this is the indication that your serotonin level has gone down and this may be the cause of your increasing depression.

Sunlight directly triggers serotonin level in our body.

The brighter the sunlight, the higher the serotonin production.

This is the reason why people who are outgoing are happier n fresh than people spending all day home.

So Bathe in Sunlight everyday atleast for 15 minutes to charge your batteries :))

Just like ‘JADU’ in movie ‘KOI MIL GAYA’ sunlight is our charger.

Get charged yourself in Sunlight to get rid of depression and enjoy every moment of life…even this LOCKDOWN!

Neena S Arora
Vastu Acharya
Dream Life Mentor

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