Is destiny changeable? Is everything pre-destined in life? Does Vastu of a house really impact  destiny? Is Vastu real or just a whim? Does Vastu really offer so many benefits?

Almost every person has asked these questions at some or the other point of time in life and the answer to this tricky question is a big YES!! YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR DESTINY. We are the creator of your own destiny.

Often destiny is perceived as predefined course of events that are bound to happen in one’s life but as per general view, it is not a matter of luck or chance. It is a matter of choices that we make in our life. If we follow our intuitions and choose the right path, we can achieve anything.

Our destiny is the story of our life…Written by our own decisions and actions. We are the designer of our own destiny and can always redesign it.

The general perception is that our destiny is already written by God and we will get only what has been written in our destiny. We cannot change it. Obstacles and wrong decisions generally leave people broken and disheartened. Don’t give in to your fears and stop trying. Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

The universe constantly sends out signals to us. We have to pick them up and utilize on time. God never hampers our growth and happiness in our life.

Is Vastu a real science or superstition?

India is country of floating myths or blind beliefs. There are so many rituals and customs people follow even without thinking about it or questioning it.

If you are going for an important meeting and a cat crosses your path, it is regarded as inauspicious and many folks return back. Likewise, if you are going out and someone sneezes in front of you, you do not go out.  These are few examples of superstitions.

Like other sciences, Vastu is also a set of scientific techniques that has proven itself from time to time. In the ancient times, this knowledge was confined to the Kings and royal families only. Their palaces and ancient temples were built after incorporating principles of Vastu science. Thus, this knowledge was confined to riches only.

The knowledge that was imparted to common people only restricted to fulfill purpose of their life. It was given without logic and concepts so it took the shape of superstitions later. Moreover, the real Indian culture and knowledge was distorted by invaders in past years so whatever we received was not complete knowledge and it has lost its essence as well. Because of these reasons this super science was considered as superstition at times.

It is said that the secret of happy family is not the size of your house but the peace, love and harmony among the people who live there. If a house is not constructed according to the principles of Vastu science, then the thinking and action of people living or working in these houses is affected and is not harmonious and progressive.

So in a house which is not Vastu friendly indicates the imbalances in the energies of that house leading to imbalances in the lives of residents. This would in turn affect different aspects of their lives like career, health, wealth, prosperity, relationship, Career growth , decision making capabilities and much more.

Living in a building which is not according to Vastu Shastra principles can lead to many issues like loss of money, physical chronic illness, misunderstood and strained relationship and in some cases untimely separation of your near and dear ones.

Vastu simply guides how to maintain the equilibrium of basic five elements to create harmonious energies in human dwellings. It aligns your building with the universe so that you get desired results.

Vastu and its impact in modern era:

People nowadays are more open to knowledge in any form, analyzing it and are accepting it well too. Vastu has proven itself from time to time and its application has given excellent results.

According to Economic Times, a study conducted by property portal across eight major cities, nearly 93 per cent of home buyers seek Vastu compliant homes.

“Four out of every five home buyers would like to know the Vastu of the property even before physically checking the property”, the study said.

The houses and properties in southern India are usually Vastu compliant. Even if it is not Vastu compliant at the time of purchase, they invest and make it Vastu friendly after purchasing it.  Cities like Chennai and Bengaluru have shown considerable faith in Vastu science and as a result are significantly rich, prosperous, and happy in life.

Nowadays, people all over India are taking keen interest in Vastu friendly houses and business properties, hospitals, shopping malls and schools.

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