Are you looking for a new house or a property? Wondering which facing you should go for to get desired results in life?

Of course facing of a house/building holds great importance and it is the first and the foremost question that arises while selecting a new house or a plot. It is the point from where energies enter a building, The quality of this energy is decided by the Entry point of that plot /building. That means it is the Entrance that is more important.

Though the Horoscope of a person is the BEST guide for selecting the facing but few facings are considered auspicious provided the Entrance is good.

North-East, East, North, West and South facings are good enough only if the good entrance can be created.

One should avoid South-West facing buildings and also the Entrances in South-West direction as it’s not supposed to be auspicious.

People are unaware of the fact that facing is not the ONLY factor that impacts the lives of the occupants but there are other factors too that can massively influence them, like-

  • Entrance of a house
  • Direction of bed rooms
  • Location of Toilets & Kitchen
  • Location of Underground tanks/borings
  • Colours used in different directions
  • Placement of objects

So while renovating or selecting a new house, the first step is to ensure the basics mentioned above.

It is a myth that only East/North/North East facing houses or buildings are auspicious. Even these facings don’t give good results if above mentioned things are not up to the mark.

Therefore it is better to consult a professional and learned Vastu Expert while purchasing /renovating a house rather than suffering later. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

With simple alterations in interior you not only get the things corrected but also solve your life problems !



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