Once upon a time a father had two daughters. When they grew up, the elder one got married to a farmer and the younger one got married to a potter(kumhaar)

Once the father decided to visit his daughters. He went to his elder daughter first n lived with her for few days. While departing, the daughter asked him to bless her and her husband.

She said,” पिताजी आशीर्वाद दीजिए की इस साल खूब बारिश हो जिससे मेरे पति की फसल बहुत अच्छी हो और हम खूब पैसा कमाएँ ।”. Thus he blessed the couple lovingly.

After that the father visited his younger daughter, they enjoyed together for few days. Then the time came for him to depart.

The daughter asked her father to bless her n her husband…”इस साल बारिश ना हो और बहुत धूप निकले जिससे मेरे पति बहुत से घड़े बना सकें और ख़ूब पैसा कमायें .”

The father was shocked n felt himself helpless as inspite of loving his younger daughter he wasn’t able to bless her the way she wanted, as her wish was just contradicting his elder daughter’s wish.

Do you know…

Even God cannot fulfill wishes of his billions of children together at the same time inspite of loving them a lot.
Sometimes our wishes make HIM helpless!

Don’t you think the wishes these daughters asked from their father need to be corrected?

They could ask for their wish without mentioning the rainfall.

Similarly we need to do some alterations in our wishes we ask from God!

We should only focus on
WHAT we want rather than HOW we want. May be your wish is acceptable by God but ‘your HOW’ is objectionable and delaying your wish to fulfil!

विचार कीजिए ।
Give it a thought!
Neena S Arora
Vastu Acharya
Dream Life Mentor

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