‘Chakra’ is a Sanksrit word that means “wheel” or “circle”, and it refers to the individual circular spinning wheels of energy located throughout the body. The chakras are present in our Prana sharir which draws the life force energy from the universe and provide it to different organs of our body. These chakras are located on our spinal chord.
Here we are going to discuss how our Chakras are responsible for our well being. How these Chakras are connected with 5 elements with which our physical body and our house is made of.

We have 7 main chakras in our body and our 5 elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space) are connected with these Chakras. Each elements resides in each chakra-

  • Earth element – Root chakra
  • Water element -Swadhishthaan chakra
  • Fire element – Manipur chakra
  • Air element – Anahad chakra
  • Space element – Throat/vishuddhi chakra

Agya chakra and Sahastraar chakra- param tatva

Everything in this universe has two levels of existence
– Gross level
– Subtle level

It is said that ‘Yat pinde tat brahmande’
Whatever is within this body, is there in the universe and vice versa.

These 5 elements are present in our 5 chakras at subtle level and in our physical body & house (considered as Mini universe) at gross level.

Any imbalance in these elements in a house causes discomfort in various aspects of life, whereas imbalanced elements in body leads to discomfort/disease in our body.

Different meditations/ Kriyas/ mantras help us to balance these 5 elements at subtle level in our body which leads to balancing of 5 elements in physical body as well as our house at the gross level to some extent.

If elements are balanced within, the imbalances in house will not affect much.
And we can also say that any imbalanced element in a house affects to those members (occupants) whose same element is imbalanced in body as well.

In maximum cases, balancing the element in house itself balances the element within.

But if the elements in chakras are balanced simultaneously through meditation/other kriyas along with Vastu the results will be faster.

So Vastu and chakra meditation compliment each other and results are much faster when both are followed simultaneously.

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