Are you facing marriage related problems ? Are you in search of someone special to share your life with from a long time? We all have dreams for our life partner. We crave for an ideal person who would love, understand and respect us as the person we are. We wait for the special one who is our real soulmate.

We keep on searching for our dream partner and the time keeps flying away! It may happen that we could miss some practically good matches for us while searching for the perfect match. This could result in delay in marriage.

Marriage is integral part of our culture. For auspicious ceremonies like marriage, Pitras blessings are a must.

Vastu lets you find out and remove those flaws present in your house which can help you attract blessings from your ancestors and make the event happen in your life.

Life is all about solutions. Vaastu Sanjivanii offers you huge respite here. Some Vastu tips are here for you. Read and get benefited by following these simple yet effective Vastu tips.

Vastu Tips for marriage:

  • If you want to hear wedding bells soon, there should not be any iron objects stored under your bed.
  • If a girl doesn’t want to marry but family wants she should get married, then crystal ball will do the trick. Place a crystal ball kept in a glass plate in the North East side of her room.
  • if you are not getting marriage proposals, light a green 0 watt bulb 24*7 in East direction.
  • Remove all red and brown colour from South West direction and light 0 watt yellow bulb there for 24*7
  • Place a sculpture of Love birds in South West direction of the house.
  • Place a Picture of Gath Bandhan in South West direction of your house
  • Place a picture depicting your wish of getting married in West. Also write the WISH on yellow paper with blue pen in West –“ I have found my Life partner as per my wish and leading a happy married life with him’ This will help you manifest your dream fast.
  • For a girl’s marriage, place this picture in West in broad golden frame. The size can be A4
  • Remove blue color from South East direction and place divine fire of auspicious wedding ceremony in South East direction of house.
  • Display an attractive picture of the person interested in marriage between North and North West direction.
  • Remove pictures of ancestors from North East direction, if any
  • Last but not the least remove all red colour from North East direction of your house.


Note – The Vastu tips suggested here are in general. For best results, we suggest remedies after detailed analysis of the premises which may vary from what is mentioned above.


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