A prayer is medium that connects us with the supreme power. It creates an invisible bond between you and the universe. When we pray or meditate or simply talk to our God regularly, we are recharged with positivity, love and harmony. We seek divine guidance, grace, protection and blessings.

It is often advised that we should offer our prayer or meditate at the same place regularly. This helps us to connect ourselves better with the God of our devotion. It is important to set our temple in the best Vastu direction for maximum benefits.

Puja room (mandir) is the most auspicious place of your home as it brings divinity to your house. It is very important to ensure this room remains filled with good vibes all the time.

Vastu Shastra lays down certain guidelines to ensure that your sacred puja place is located in the right direction for the well being and prosperity of your family.

Is Your Puja Room Vastu Compliant?  

Is your puja room according to principles of Vastu Shastra? Is it impactful and aids you in your spiritual journey? Which room is the correct place for our beloved deity? Let’s find out…. 

If your puja room is built according to rules of vastu science, you can sense it by the positive radiations it radiates towards you. If your mind wanders in all direction while offering prayers to your deity, then your room is not in the right direction. 

Best direction of your puja room:

The best direction for your puja room is the North-East direction of your house. People usually consider the direction only while setting up their puja room or puja corner. Ideally, it should be in North East Zone also known as the Ishaan kone in vastu shastra. This is precisely the 22.5o zone surrounding the 90o between the North and the East directions of your house.

If your Puja room is in North East zone, it connects you with yourself. You establish a very strong connection with your own mind and soul. You are able to create this connection via your higher self or your ishTa dev.

Puja room in this particular direction creates a spiritual connection instantly. Therefore, this direction is regarded as the best direction for spiritual connectivity.

 When we do this, we are directing our heart and soul towards our supreme lord and look for his guidance and abundance. When we hand over the reins of the horses of our five senses to our  ISHTA dev, he takes control of our life and directs our senses in the right direction in the very similar manner as Lord Krishna took control of Arjuna in Mahabharata.

When Krishna becomes your Sarthi, there is no looking back. You will be successful in every sphere of life. You gain on all the fronts of your life and there is always a win-win situation.

Which direction should God face in puja room?

 Obviously, this is the next question that arises in our mind. And the answer to this question is very simple and logical.

God should always face us so that they can shower their blessing on us.

Which direction we should face while offering prayer?

 While praying or meditating or chanting mantra, we have to keep in mind the direction in which we are doing it so that our connectivity with God is sincere, devoted and impactful.

The direction to face while praying should be North, East or North-East. This enables us to connect better and receive blessings in a better way. It is the direction that enhances our feelings, emotions and creativity.

When we offer prayers facing any of these directions, it is always blissful and fruitful. These direction aids in focusing better and with unbreakable devotion. When we do that we are capable of receiving better and able to absorb the divine blessings or signals send to us. 

When we are in receptive mode, our intuition becomes more and more powerful. We receive the divine energy in the form of divine grace, divine guidance, divine protection and divine knowledge. We are able to clear our doubts and able to foresee ideas which take us to a new height in our career and life.

Vastu tips for puja room at your house:

 Ideal direction or zone for puja room is North-East Direction. It is similar to a powerhouse. If you regularly perform puja in this zone, it becomes more and more powerful and protects you during difficult period of time. It also acts as a pathway for your spiritual journey. 

If puja room is not possible in this direction, then you can also make your puja room in North or East direction of your house.

You can also choose your puja room in West direction of your house. Mandir located in West direction is best for fulfillment of wishes.

Avoid red colour in your puja room located in North – East direction. When you add red coloured objects here or paint the walls in red colour, you are actually adding fire element to it. When you meditate in such a surrounding, your internal peace or concentration is lost. Red colour also adds lots of aggression and hence your blood pressure may also rise.

Instead of red or red colour family, you may add blue, beige, green, golden, silver etc.

Always keep your mandir neat and clean. Keeping heavy items in north East blocks your mind. Also avoid keeping dustbin or clutter here as it spreads negativity and disturbs your concentration.

You should also avoid red coloured blub in mandir. If you want you can use white LED bulb or blue, green or yellow coloured bulb.

It is better to place photos of your deity than statues. If you want to keep statue, then its height should not be greater than 6-7 inch.

You should not keep more than one Lord Ganesha in your mandir as it causes confusion.

Never make your mandir below stairs or bedroom. If there is no other option, you can make it in bedroom but always remember keep the doors of mandir closed while not performing puja.    

You can also keep water in brass vessel in your mandir and lit brass diyas with ghee or sesame seed oil for prosperity. Mustard oil diyas are lit for good health and well being of your family members.

Note – The Vastu tips suggested here are in general. For best results, we suggest remedies after detailed analysis of the premises which may vary from what is mentioned above.

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