Colors influence the psychology, mood and emotions of a person. Each color has  a different effect. Few colors are considered warm and few are cool colors.  For instance, Warm colors enhance aggression whereas cool colors give happiness and peace. In today’s era, everyone is aware of these subtle effects of different colors. 

Colors also play an inevitable part in Vaastu Science. They have a great impact not only on moods and emotions but also on different domains of human lives. Different colors represent different planets. They also represent 5 elements – Earth, Space, Water, Air, & Fire.

Just like imbalance of these 5 elements in a body causes dis-ease, an imbalance of these 5 Elements in a building makes the building DIS-EASED resulting in DIS-COMFORT in the occupant’s lives. This discomfort can be in Career, Relationship, Wealth, Health, Education or anything else.

Each direction in a building is governed majorly by one element. The wrong selection of colors can be disastrous as they can cause a great imbalance among these 5 elements in a building.

For example, South-East direction is the direction where FIRE is highly strong among all 5 elements. The wrong selection of colors might over strengthen the fire or weaken it. In both situations the occupants Cash flow is negatively influenced. The occupants can experience stuck payment/ defaulter in payment/Accidents/departmental issues/ thefts/ losses and much more!

No color is good or bad. The placement of colors decides its effects.

Blue in a specific direction may render miraculous results when both the color and the direction complement each other, while it may doom one’s life when wrongly placed. Thus, one should use the colors wisely and also under the guidance of an Expert.
You have got one life, don’t experiment with it!!!


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