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Vaastu Sanjivanii is a science of building construction and balancing of energies in it. It aligns the energies of a building with nature to ensure healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. Vaastu Sanjivanii provides solutions to the problems of dis-eased domains. Whether the objective is to improve love life & relationships, education, health, job and finance, or simply to experience greater level of tranquility, Vaastu Sanjivanii helps you to make it happen. It helps converting a house into a ‘Dream home’ and a work place into a ‘Resource’!

Vastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is the science of constructing a building in such a way that helps the occupants achieve their desired results and targets


Astrology is the science of stars and planets and these stars and planets concern us in a meticulous way at every moment.


Numerology is the game of numbers which has great impact on our lives. Each number is connected with a planet and gives its results in our lives. The numbers which belong to unfavorable planets create problems in our lives.

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The benefits of Vastu are enormous. It can help you improve any and every area of life painlessly and effectively. We provide you authentic and genuine Vastu Consultancy Services for your home and work place and help you to create more balanced environment which can attract good health, wealth, energy and tranquility into your life.

Relationship Improved In A DayA lady visited me for Vastu check as she was not keeping well and having very poor relationship with her husband!. I asked her to draw a rough map of her house. She knew the directions as according to her that house was constructed as per Vastu norms. I analysed the map and asked her to remove a big poster of her deceased Mom and also some family pictures from certain directions… …did her counselling and fixed a visit for Vastu check after few days! She removed the pictures immediately…and the very next day I received a call from her that everything got settled with her husband and she was very much relieved and happy!
Power Of A Broken Cricket BatMy clients son, living in a PG, had throat infection because of which he happened to have constant fever which was not getting cured through medicine. After few days, he was back home for treatment. The mother with her son approached me as she was my client, and asked for help. I saw the room layout and asked her what was kept in a particular area. The boy recalled that he had kept his cricket bat with a broken handle there. He confirmed that after keeping that bat only, he had throat infection. I told him to ask his room mate to throw the bat away immediately. But he ignored that and went back once he recovered. And as reached there, the same problem in throat re occurred. He threw the bat out of the room instantly. The very next day, he was perfectly alright!!!

What People Say About Us

Hi everyone, I would like to share my experience with Neena for my home vaastu correction… to begin with I felt a marked positive difference in the energies … issues slowly steadily started getting resolved.. she has been a good consultant & a friend guiding me patiently ….I wish her great success!!!

Anjali Kapur

20 days ago I took Vastu Consultancy from Neena, and I can proudly say that I experienced a lot of positive changes and those things that were long awaited started to work. Thanks a lot Please guide me further, Your presence means a lot to me.

Era Jagya

I would like to share my experience about the recommendations given by Neenaji. After going through the drawings and directions of the office she recommended us some corrections and also advised us the causes and happenings. We did changes as per advise and after some time we noticed the business growth was there and employees…

Sushil Sharma

Thanks for being so helpful I feel so good after the little changes I did in my home. I am so blessed to have you to guide me. You are amazing person

Era Jagya

I cannot thank you enough for your help! You are nothing less than a blessing from God! Your suggestions did help me in my past and have pulled me out from all my debts to a free life. Just to thank you for what you have done.

Dhairya Rana

I was getting my house renovated under the guidance of vastu expert Neena S Arora. During the renovation, severe pain started in one of my knees and no medicine could lessen my pain. She analysed my house plan and asked me to remove certain nails immediately from a specific direction where the new wiring had…

Radha Gambhir

I am very happy to acknowledge that I consulted Neena Madam for Vastu. I am very grateful that with little changes and in just a few days i am experiencing the difference. Thanks a lot mam its all because of your blessings.

Prasad Kulkarni

Thanks for conducting such an informative workshop in Kanpur I was totally ignorant about this field After listening to you learnt how by putting small efforts at times can change the life and can do wonders. Thanks again for making us aware . God bless you with good health and success

Deepti Loomba

Neena Ji , I feel blessed to have you as my Vastu consultant. We were facing through lots of health related issues during past few years. With few changes in direction of placement of household goods and changes in colour schemes helped a lot. My kid, who was not doing very well in studies ,…

Kiran Sangwan

What We Provide

Whether the objective is to improve love life, career or financial status, or simply to
experience greater level of tranquility, Vaastu Sanjivanii helps you to make it happen..

Vastu Consultancy Services

Vaastu Sanjivanii helps you to create a Vastu friendly house Aesthetically…..Read More

Astro Vastu Remedies

Vaastu Sanjivanii also provides customized Vastu remedies as per your Horoscope. We have offered vastu solutions to many problems like
hospitalized in ICU (success story)
severe foot pain (success story).

Numerology Solutions

Vaastu Sanjivanii provides numerology solutions as well to ensure one’s growth in his field.

Get Vastu Compliant Floor Plan

Are you planning to buy a new home or office or planning to renovate the existing one? This is the right time to make your layout as per Vastu. Get your Vastu compliant plan made and take your first step towards your desired life.

Are you planning to do interior of your house or office? This is the right time to design your house as per Vastu principles. Vaastu Sanjivanii helps you make your building Vastu friendly through interior only.

Are you confused about the directions of your building and want to get the directions marked on your layout?

No worries! We are there to help you
To know more Call / WhatsApp Neena S Arora @ 9910558589

Vastu Shastra & 5 Elements

The entire universe is believed to be made up of five basic elements, namely fire, water, earth, air and space. Similarly, our body is also made up of five elements. When there is imbalance of 5 elements in a body, the body gets diseased and when this imbalance is created in a building, it also gets dis-eased and the occupants of that building start attracting discomfort in their lives. We need to create a balance among these elements to lead a healthy life. Vaastu Sanjivanii balances these 5 elements in a building and make it auspicious for the occupants.

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Panchtatva and its Imbalance

Nature or universe is composed up of five basic elements namely, Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. These elements are collectively called as “Panchatatva”. These elements are present everywhere in our surroundings i.e. in our Read more…

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